Bible Quest 

C  L  A  S  S  I  C  A  L
B I B L E    C U R R I C U L U M

Empowering parents to teach their children to use God's Word as THE FOUNDATION for 
their thought process!

HOW do we do this?

  •    Our Big Bible Story Song puts all of the Bible’s chronology together for easy reference time and time again as kids learn about the many people God used for His glory.


  •    Simple facts about key Bible personalities with direct Scripture references for each help kids know who God was working with. 


  •    Easy-to-remember verse songs with the included CD help kids keep God’s Word in their memories.


  •    Geographical locations of important places in the Bible on included, easy-to-understand maps help reinforce the historical reality of the Biblical accounts.


  •    Fun connection exercises engage older children and deeper questions are provided for more intense discussions with advanced learners.


  •    Extra resource material is provided to help parents guide their children through difficult questions that may come up!


  •    Two, separate 40-Week editions (Old Testament and New Testament) provide a total of two years of material.

BEGIN your adventure with Bible Quest today!

Church Edition - for larger groups!

The leader handbook puts everything a program coordinator needs into your hands! Equip parents and mentors to lead their students to learn God's Word, exercise and explore their knowledge, and grow in wisdom!