Bible Quest 

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Enjoy these Bible Quest videos! 

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Introduction to Bible Quest (start here!)

What is Bible Quest: Classical Bible Curriculum? Organization and Content

Your First Bible Quest Class: Tips to get you started!

Suggested actions for the Big Bible Story Song!

Bible Quest as used in a church setting. 
(This is an early training video we made for our own church volunteers)

An introduction to lapbooks

Many of our Going Further sections use lapbooks to help students connect with the Biblical material. In case you aren't familiar with the lapbook concept or how to make one, here are some videos to get you started.

Fun Bible Videos by our church youth group for Bible Quest

These videos were made by our church's youth group! They are lots of fun, but you'll certainly see an improvement to their quality from the earlier ones to the later ones that they produced! (Videos are not in order of production below.) In addition, one video may seem to be a duplicate of the Shipwreck video; however, it is actually the Shipwreck video combined with the Malta video in one piece. Thanks for watching!